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Valentine Concert 2-CD pack now Available

Marc Ballesteros held a successful 2-1/2 hour Valentine Concert on Sunday, February 13, 2011 at the Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts.  A portion of the concert’s proceeds and CD sales was donated to the Magnificat Prayer Community for the continued upkeep and maintenance of the community.

Other performers that afternoon were Michael Dave Dizon, Alyssa Datu, Elsa Ballesteros, & Grace Datu.  The Royal Conservatory String Quartet provided the string accompaniment.

The concert was produced by Paul and Ophie Valdez of P & O Productions.

The concert was a tribute to Marc’s mother who passed away on July 31, 2010.  She was the Music Director of the Magnificat Music Ministry.

“Mom, we are so blessed to have you as our Mother, and a wonderful wife to Dad. We are eternally thankful for that. Thank you for loving us. Though we know you are amongst your family and friends who went before you, and while you are beaming that loving smile of yours for us from where you are, our hearts here are aching, still in disbelief that you are no longer with us. You are loved by so many and are truly, sorely missed. Some of you know that nothing is quite the same as losing your mother. Know it Mom, that you will stay forever in our hearts and that our lives will never be the same without you. We know that heaven is celebrating with music and laughter as everyone there listens to you sing again in all your glorious capacity.

Thank you so much, Mom, for your gift of music. I know that you are here with us right now and I hope you are enjoying the show from your golden seat. This is our tribute to you.

So long for now, dearest Mommy. We love you very, very much and we’re longing for the day that we can shower you with our hugs and kisses once more. Happy Valentine’s Day dear Mommy!

With all my love, Your Son”

A 2-CD pack of that concert’s live recording with 30 songs is now available on Marc’s website at  For each CD sold, $5.00 is donated to the Magnificat Community.

Rehearsing with the Royal Conservatory String Quartet (below) at the TELUS Centre for Performance and Learning in downtown Toronto a couple of nights before the concert.

Going through some last minute detail to some songs with Michael Dave Dizon just moments before the start of the show at Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts. 

Michael & Marc performing a song together.

Producers Paul and Ophie Valdez saying a few words before the start of Part 2 of the show.

Fr. Matthew Robbertz, Magnificat Community’s Spiritual Advisor, saying a few words before the start of Part 2 of the show.

Rendering a duet with Elsa Ballesteros to one of their original songs that had co-written together.

Marc performing with the Royal Conservatory String Quartet.

Michael Dave Dizon performing one of his original songs.

The Royal Conservatory String Quartet (L-R): Valerie Gordon (violin 1), Bijan Sepanji (violin 2), Rezan Onen-Lapointe (viola), and Sonya Nanos (cello)

Alyssa Grace Datu performs a popular tune.

The Ensemble performing the last song of the show (L-R): Michael Dave Dizon (on piano), Grace Datu, Elsa Ballesteros, Alyssa Datu, Marc Ballesteros, and The Royal Conservatory String Quartet.

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